New Edition of the Online PhD course “Ethics and AI” organized by SIpEIA

The new Italian Society for Ethics of AI ( is organizing online PhD courses on “Ethics and AI” in English language offered to several PhD programmes.

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Edition 2023


The course intends to provide a brief overview of the main ethical issues concerning AI from an interdisciplinary perspective. The starting point is the clarification of what an “ethics” is, so as to offer the reference coordinates of the discourse, which is then articulated in the analyzes by way of examples of specific issues in the different directions. In particular, issues relating to the impact that AI has and will increasingly have on social life are examined, especially concerning the problem of biases; the interconnections with medicine and health care; the methods of legal regulation.


Maurizio Mori; Consulta di Bioetica Onlus

Tiziana Catarci; DIAG, Università la Sapienza Roma

Giovanni Sartor; CIRSFID, Università di Bologna

Guido Boella; Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di Torino

Addressees: PhD students at different phases of their PhD programme. Open to all other scholars.


4 hours: Maurizio Mori: The first two hours are dedicated to outlining a theory of ethics capable of accounting for moral analyzes for human societies and also for larger societies. The other two hours try to apply the conceptual tools acquired for a moral analysis of the possible interactions between AI and health care.

2 hours: Tiziana Catarci: Biases in AI

4 hours: Guido Boella: Panorama of the various ethical issues of AI. Reflection on the impact of AI in society and ethics.

2 hours: Giovanni Sartor: From ethics to law. Reflection on the relationship between artificial intelligence applications and human rights. Implications for data protection and consumer protection.

Link for connecting to all lessons


Online. The lessons will be recorded and published on SIpEIA’s website.

You can receive an attendance certificate if you need it and you follow the online lessons or give the exam. The number of credits depends on your PhD program, please ask your coordinator.

The exam consists in a 2 page report on a topic concerning Ethics and AI, preferrably related to your research. The report must be directed toward the general public, as a dissemination effort, and not solely directed to scientists.

There is no strict deadline for the exam. If you need to take an exam, please write to proposing a topic and a deadline.


Wed 4/10/2023 h9.00-11.00 CEST Guido Boella (slides) (recording)

Wed 11/10/2023 h9.00-11.00 CEST Maurizio Mori (recording)

Wed 18/10/2023 h9.00-11.00 CEST Tiziana Catarci (slides) (recording)

Wed 25/10/2023 h9.00-11.00 CEST Guido Boella (recording)

Wed 8/11/2023 h9.00-11.00 CEST Maurizio Mori (recording)

Wed 15/11/2023 h9.00-11.00 CEST Giovanni Sartor (recording)

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